empower wellness
The experience begins
installing the emwe app
we are a platform that installs
healthy habits
Join the hundreds of people who are improving their habits
We are convinced that the promotion of healthy eating, physical activity and emotional intelligence transforms work and personal environments

Installing healthy habits is possible thanks to the accompaniment of health and welfare professionals, who using exponential technologies and data achieve value correlations that translate into unconditional accompaniment.
We'll ask you several key questions, all very important to know your data welfare initials
Complete your profile in the
Complete your profile through our body measurement technology which gives us more than 40 additional data to our questionnaires. Request your measurement at home through our service WhatsApp Business
We already have your
Your wellness information is already uploaded and the specialists will be able to use it to give you good feedback
Your biggest goal is
With the help of the specialists and the emwe community, you will surely succeed

Wellness Formula
current habits
body measurements
emwe welfare index
Access your
To know your state of well-being and take the best route according to your lifestyle; controlling the information your body frequently provides
Time for
take action

  • Receive initial assessment and feedback from specialists
  • We will define objectives and a short-term action plan for you
  • Visualize progress and meet goals, this will bring you rewards
We connect you with specialists in nutrition, physical activity and psychology
We reward your progress based on the tastes and habits that we install, together
We connect people with good habits and people who want to improve in our wellness community
Find out about our
Single value for
person / month
In company
4 USD/month
At home
5.50 USD/month
This value will only be charged to those who have at least 2 measurements in 30 days

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